If hip-hop is your thing, then head to Subterranean (2011 W. North Ave., Chicago) for open mic hip-hop. The event is for ages 21 and up, and is free at this Wicker Park venue. The open mic hip-hop also includes performances by resident DJs Boy Wonder and Norm Rockwell and is hosted by Shadow Master. The next open mic event is scheduled for Nov. 4 at 10 p.m.; check out Subterranean’s website for more scheduling information.

Will’s Northwoods Inn

WHPK was the first to bring hip-hop to the South Side’s airwaves nearly two decades ago, when other radio stations were still playing Huey Lewis and the News. Quite a few have caught on by now, but our Rap shows continue to be the best out there.  WHPK is the cutting edge of the hip-hop underground while keeping a firm grip on the old-school—all unedited and uncensored. And on Friday nights you’ll get to hear live mixes by legendary DJs from around Chicago
In 1997, the legendary Chicago anthem, "Walk With Me" hit the streets. Now making a comeback, DA Smart is choosing to walk with the same foot forward. Growing up in the Robert Taylor Homes and Altgeld Gardens in the Southside of Chicago, DA Smart first began his quest at a young age to be a figure in Chicago's hip-hop as a break-dancer. Although always known to rap, it was until the year 1997 when DA Smart first released the street single, "Walk With Me. For the many DA Smart fans wondering about where the man who brought Chicago's forever "hood anthem" has gone, this Windy City native has never gone afar and is continuing his quest to be a true Chicago icon.

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